Maykell Araica Photography


M Y   S T O R Y

Hi! My name is Maykell! I know, I know, "what kind of name is that?" 
Well, if I knew for sure I would tell you, but all I know is that my mom really liked it.
Its pronounced May-Kell.
I am from Nicaragua, and I am somewhat sure you are wondering how I ended up in
the U.S - The State of Ohio to be specific.
Well, my dad is an American, and requested me to come to live in the great state of Ohio with him.
The short version: Follower of Christ, Husband, father, American/Nicaraguan, Photographer, people lover, animal lover, arts lover, history buff (sort of), Real Madrid hooligan (not violent, just passionate). 

I had a desire to learn, to design, to create. As a kid my imagination had no boundaries and that is something that I miss everyday, the ability to see something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. I believe this is one of the qualities that we inherit from God, that we quickly dismiss when life gets busy. It was then I decided to put my talents to work.

I picked up my guitar and started to make video tutorials in YouTube of how to play songs (they were all in Spanish, they were all terrible, but I built a decent following with tens of thousands of views, quality and sound sucks because I was trying to be quiet to not disturb anyone where I lived)
I started to get more involved with the men at church who met every Tuesday to play soccer, and expressed my passion that way. I began to write songs and poems, I began to push myself to better my English; doing all these things stimulated my creativity and helped me get over my depression.

In 2011 my interest for photography began, and I started to take photos of everything I saw. I didn't have nice camera, I didn't know composition and I did not know editing at all but I did had instagram!

(Above: These are some of my first photos ever taken where I put some thought behind it)

There was something about photography that made me feel inspired, it wasn't all the cliche and cheesy (no pun intended) reasons like "its a moment that would other wise be gone forever" or "capturing memories forever".
I mean, yeah those things were important too but what really made me fall in love with photography was the ability to create something, to take something ordinary and create something extraordinary with it, and the realization that it was the quality I most admired of God passed on to me.

It was in the Christmas of 2011 that I got my "real camera" - My step-mom bought me a Canon Rebel Xs! it was the best day ever. Then I started to learn my camera, the settings, the things that made it better than a point and shoot and all the details about it. A lot has changed since I got that camera, which I now realize was a pivoting point for me. I married my best friend Tami who now works with me second shooting weddings, I have a son! his name is Benjamin but we call him Benji and he is the happiest little guy you will ever meet (I am not being bias I swear), and I have friends who are like family "My American Family" - always supportive, always caring, always there. 

PC: Joshua Neate

PC: Joshua Neate

PC: Chad Diblasio

PC: Chad Diblasio

In a nutshell, my life since I came to the US hasn't been always pretty, I had ups and downs, rough and smooth times but for all of it I thank God. I do what I love to do, and my life is no longer defined by what other think I should do, but rather by what God created me to do. I took the talents that He gave me and I put them to use. I work doing what I love and because of that I can't really call it work. This is who I am, and I love it!

As Benji continues to grow...

Another Spring Day - Benji at 2.5 years old