Maykell Araica Photography



The Sweetheart Session

When was the last time you got photos taken with your honey?
No, Family photos don’t count! Seriously you guys! Its time to get some updated photos of you and your sweetheart!
If you have kids, wouldn’t you want your kids to one day say:
”oh wow, my mom and dad really were in love with each other!! look at this pics!”
If you don’t have kids, this is the time when you actually have time to do this! don’t put it off!! haha.

These sessions are design to capture you and your love having lots fun and doing the things you love doing, and bring you closer as a couple. Picnics, book store hangouts, hanging out at home, whatever that is, I want to document your love in your element!

Open for booking from Feb 14 to Feb 17 of 2019 and scheduling through July 2019 -Book your date with your Sweetheart for only $150

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